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Unconventional, alternative, and unique methods

This is a thread to post any and all mj consumption and preperation techniques other then the average puff of the j or bong/pipe hit .

My contribution is my absolute favorite way of smoking the common joint- The Frostie

Okay so what your gonna wann do first it get a glass mugg…..must be glass , take this and put it in the freezer, freez it for at least 45 minutes, and keep it in the freezer until its time to get high,

Now roll up a joint (or blunt) and stick it in a tube of some sort (pen tube works good) and now when the mug is all chilled take it out and light up your j. Now this is the critical part, take a drag and get it cherries, stick the open end of the pen tube in the mugg and place you mouth on the cherried end, try to get your mouth dried out and dont burn yourself when doing this , and blow through the joint. You should see the smoke condensing and getting very thick and white, staying at the bottom of the glass. When youve accumulated enough smoke tip it back and inhale softly and watch the smoke ( which is now much denser then air) fall into your mouth.

Smoothes hit ever. nuff said

Now everyone chime in with their favorite alternative or unconventional cannabis use method, including unique smoking devices , recipes, cool ways to smoke , ect

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