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Tingly feeling when scared high.

Is it normal and does this happen to you guys?
I was at some park smoking with my friends ( they love smoking in sketchy places -.- )
we were litterally smoking in one of the bleachers of this baseball field but a couple feet away they were a lot of little kids in a park. So anyways we spark up and some lady in some security uniform was slowly walking towards us writting in her little book looking at us. So we go to the basketball court which we literally a couple steps away and she had stopped and was just staring but eventually she went away and my dumbass friends are like alright lets roll up a blunt right in those bleachers real quick no one will noticed. And right when we were about to sit that security lady was at a distance just STARING at us . Like wouldn’t move. We just thought it was too risky and booked it. But throughout that whole time i had this annoying tingly feeling because i was pretty scared lol.

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