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The tree of life

okay, i must have missed something

I understand that the images and story are supposed to make you go on an inward journey with your thoughts, and its supposed to invoke some kind of deep emotional response.

but for me it just failed.

The movie starts with some CGI images that are supposed to make you think about the vast design of the universe.

This is where i started to get bored, It invoked the same thoughts and feelings in me as would watching the science/Discovery/NationalGeo channel for 30 minutes. I wasn’t impressed or in awe. pretentious CGI FAIL!

i thought to myself,
So okay its gonna be an artsy movie like space Odyssey, I can deal with that. It might start slow then pick up the pace….

but then the fucking whispering started.

The entire movie’s dialog/monolog was done in whispering. which is okay at first, but when it keeps going and going it starts to feel so monotone and boring. I was already bored from the CGI!!!!!

Overall It felt like it was high on itself. It was trying to display its message as something with a deep meaning but really it wasn’t hard to understand at all.

I felt like "okay i get it, go on to the next scene already" over,and over again.

I reccomend this to anyone that hasn’t seen any CGI since the mid 1990s, have never watched a T.V. show about the universe or have never thought about the concept of death or the afterlife.

I haven’t been so enraged by a movie since i rented Greenburg.

Anyways, Opinions on this flick?

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