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The Poo Fainter

Okay, so I had a bizarre experience the other day. I took about a 30 minute shower and after I was done I had the worst thing happen. Had to take a shit :mad:. so I did… buck naked and wet… After that awkward 2-3 minutes I had with myself, I stood up and grabbed for my towel and got that feeling when you stand up to quick. It happens to me all the time, sometimes worse then others, but Ive never completely passed out from it. In fact Ive always been 100% conscious when I needed to be, but this time the feeling kept coming stronger… then next thing I know, my dads knocking on the door asking if that was me. I was like, ‘yeah, I just passed out’ He asked how the hell that happened. I said ‘I was taking a shit, then I stood up to quick and passed out’ Now my dads nick name for me is ‘The Poo Fainter’ reference to J.D. He said from the time he heard me fall to the time he asked me was like 15 seconds. Not that long but still never happened to me before lol. So be careful standing up after shitting in an warm steamy room… my tailbone still hurts like a mother fuck, and my back is tight.

Just a strange experience I had the other day and thought Id share. Maybe youve had a similar experience.

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