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Test in a week

So I hadn’t smoked in two months anticipating a pre-lim employment drug test. I took the test (twice in one day because they screwed up the first test) and got a call from my employer saying that the clinic screwed up and I have to retake the test! AGAIN! Unfortunately I smoked a half a blunt of some high quality stuff this past Sunday for my b-day… Un-fucking-believeable!

So I have a week to prepare for next Tuesday. I am about 205lbs, slightly above avg fat content/slow metabolism. I lift weights and do cardio a few times a week.

I plan on working out everyday if possible (xmas this weekend is going to be rough). I plan on drinking plenty of cranberry juice (diuretic) throughout the week along with water and tea (i.e. yerba mate). On Sunday I will be having a big roast for dinner so I will get lots of protein, but I plan on having a daily protein shake at least 3 days before the test. I have to fast 8 hours prior to the test at 8am Tues. So the night before I will be eating red meat (hopefully leftovers!) with a protein shake. In the morning, I expect to drink at least 48oz of water from the time I wake up and take the test. I hope to piss twice before the test. I will also take 2 multi-vitamin pills which will give me 1000s%+ of the daily value of B6 and B12, along with niacin and a plethora of other vitamins and minerals.

What do you guys suggest? Is there something I am missing or not doing enough of? What should I do for the morning of the test? I’ll wake up hours prior to the 8am test if I have to.

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