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Substitution: Quest Diagnostics

Hi all. Long time reader, first time poster.

I recently had to take a somewhat random urine test for my work. After looking at all the useful help on here, I thought I could at least post how it went for anyone who may do this in the future. Here’s what happened:

Before test day:
I purchased a box of the 2.0oz Quick Fix (Formula 5.7-1) and followed the instructions on the box and in the youtube video. I used the supplied rubber band, squeeze cap, and heating pad.
Test day:
I heated the bottle of synthetic urine up in the microwave for about 12 seconds and rubber banded the heat pack to the bottle (as instructed). I then placed it right above my crotch under two pairs of slim fitting boxer-briefs. The "package" kept in place nicely without any significant bulge (this may not be the 100% best place for females).
I wore the setup to work as I had to be tested at 12 that day and drove straight from work to the testing facility.
I arrived at Quest Diagnostics, checked in, waited, and was led to the lab. There was one worker and she instructed me to place my coat on the chair. The entire time I was talking to her and trying my best to distract her and appear normal πŸ˜‰
She led me to the bathroom where I shut the door behind me. The bathroom was super clean, had blue water in the toilet, and a sink. I whipped out my package, check the temperature (98 degrees- perfect!) and emptied it into the cup. The cup had a temperature strip with a bunch of weird numbers that didn’t represent any temperatures. I assume this is to prevent you checking the temp in there?
I exited the bathroom and gave the sample to her. She checked the number on the side of the cup and made me sign a sticker. They placed the sticker as a seal on a small plastic vial which now contained my ‘urine’. All done!
This was my first time subbing and I was SO surprised as to how easy it was.
After the drive back, I celebrated that night by relaxing with a faaaaaaattt one!!

I hope this may help someone in the future, as these posts have helped me!


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