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Stranded by Aliens

I was watching Ancient Aliens on History channel (The one about ritual) and it made me think. First I gotta start off by, all over the planet (Native Americans, Egyptians, etc) say that we were brought here by star people. Now, the people on Ancient Aliens think that "Maybe these rituals and beliefs come from visitors." "Maybe the confusing human desire for ‘more’ stems from wanting them to return."

I was thinking about this, and it started to make sense.
Humans have been questioning our purpose on Earth forever. We have stories of gods, angels, demons, ghosts, aliens, and much more, and we try to pull meaning from them.
What if there isn’t a magical after life that makes everything better.
What if aliens haven’t been visiting and UFO sitings haven’t been about a "First encounter"
What if the story of first sin, and stories similar to it, are about our ancient family leaving us here. We have been marooned on earth, because our ancestors broke some code within the space traveling humans, or within a union of alien species. We were part of something bigger, but we fucked up and it came down on us full force. They left us here, and now all we want is to go back to the stars, and we don’t know why. And it’s been so long we can’t even understand the old messages we left for ourselves. All we can do is continue on this ball floating through space hoping one day we will understand what happened, and how to fix it. Or that one of us will guide out of this isolation on our own.

Just a thought…

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