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Story of your first bong hit

Mine was when I was 12. Me and my friend had a half oz of White Widow and I was spending the night at his house. His mom lets him smoke in the house so we just sat down and played some video games for a bit. Then his mom came home and we were hopingshe had some papers. She didnt so we were pretty bummed. But because my friends b-day was coming up she let us use her bong.(wich to this day she hardly ever does.) He knew how to smoke from one and went and put water and ice in it and took his hit. Then he passed it to me and I had some trouble getting much smoke and then his mom showed me and then I hit the bong for like 6 seconds and when I blew out the smoke it was like I was smoking hookah on how much ther was. I was so baked and dont remember much haha.

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