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So I’m dumb

Same story as always –

I’d been abstaining for about four weeks after a killer interview. I stopped smoking daily November 13, and my last hit was the subsequent Sunday. I had one rip off a bong because my cat had died. I planned on diluting like hell and blaming my history of kidney infections for watery piss if I had to take the test within thirty days of the test. Luckily the HR department took forever to get me an offer letter and set me up for the test.

In the interim I purchased two Firstchoice at home tests. I had an incredibly faint line on my first void on the 9th of December, but a third void after flushing with water produced a nice clean line. I took my drug test this Friday (yesterday). Thursday I drank four liters of water over the course of the day and took cranberry pills every eight hours. Morning of the test I voided my bladder, took an EmergenC to stain my urine, drank a liter of water, eliminated once more and headed to the testing center. I sat there for two hours before I provided the sample. The urine was very light yellow.

I’m concerned about getting a "negative but dilute," because like an asshole I went out drinking with some friends yesterday evening and had a single hit to celebrate. If I have to drop a second sample, I’m pretty sure I’m screwed. Because I wasn’t sure how quickly the metabolites would begin throwing after consuming (most of the studies I read said that it can take up to four hours after ingestion for metabolites to show up in urine), I collected some of my presumably "clean" piss within three hours of the hit. I plan on testing the urine today with another FirstChoice test, but subbing on a follow-up test doesn’t feel wise.

I have nice back story for a dilute sample – I’m recovering from the flu and had been forcing fluids for health reasons. I’m not vegetarian, but I’m poor enough to rarely eat meat. Any thoughts on my situation or suggestions for aggressively clearing my system would be appreciated.

Body weight – 120-2 lbs
Height – 5′ 7"
Metabolism – slowish normal
Activity – not particularly active, but I walk one to three miles a day home from work
Diet- mostly low fat, vegetarian fare with meat maybe once or twice a week; yet since my metabolism is low I really don’t eat much or often.

Before I abstained I’d been smoking daily for a month – I’d have a bong rip or two when I got home from work and a little more on the weekends (wake and bakes are the best thing that can happen to a girl!). Before that I’d been clean for months.

How dicked am I?

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