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So… I managed to get my mother to watch The Union with me

Yeah, we watched every of it and even as a former practicing nurse she had no idea of the medicinal values of marijuana. (I’m openly a recreational pot smoker.) Also all the industrial uses of hemp and how much money the governments of all countries could make off of marijuana and hemp products. At the end of the movie she said, "Wow, I can see why your views changed after watching this." I had always been afraid because when I got caught at 14 I was in BIG trouble, no BS rehab or any of that crap but I was grounded for a few weeks. Sometime around age 15-16 I watched that movie and realized how stupid it was to hide my MJ use, especially since I live in Canada, and where I live is very 420 friendly.

I own one of those EasyVape/Vapor Bros things, not sure which model it was as I got it in a pinner headshop. It needs a plugin and there is one on my back porch. After my mom nearly catching me in my room with me blaming the feint vapor smell on rolling a joint she would laugh it off and not bring it up again. I’m a tall, clumsy guy and sneaking out to the porch (with a loud door that has chimes on it) it way to hard and leaves me unable to truly enjoy my high, I get too paranoid.

What I’m wondering is if I should come clean and tell my mom about my vape, where I plan on using it. That and all the jargon about how much healthier a vaporizer is than smoking. MJ is decriminalized in Canada as most of you know, The Union actually filled my mom in that you don’t get arrested for personal MJ use in Canada. She also had the argument that MJ makes you lazy, which is BS but one of her good friends, the father of her three children is a loser who lost his job because of accidents he’s been in while high. She gets it now that idiots will be idiots and MJ doesn’t cause this. She still seems to have mixed feelings but is no longer scared of any law enforcement against me.

So should I just come clean and hope she lets me humbly hit my vape outside at appropriate times?

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