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should i fight this kid?

theres this kid that goes to my school who i used to be friends with until some shit with a mutual friend of ours happened (long story). but lately this kid thinks hes all tough and tries to bully me. he actually tried to start a fight with me in the locker room and i almost just PUMELLED this guy but my friend just said to let it go. i GUARANTEE i could DEMOLISH him in a fight. im 5’9" 160 and i would say he’s probably about 5’7" 140 but im thicker stronger and tougher than him. i took about 3 total years of martial arts classes. idk though im just not a violent person. hes sorta that "dick that everyone wants to beat the shit out of" type of guy and im curious wat do u guys think should i just beat him senseless next time he tries to start something?

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