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Shaking/Dormant/Trembling Legs HELP NEEDED

I’m a 17 year old male guy. I’m 5 ft 8 in (172cm) and I’m about 119 pounds.
Well, here it is:

First of all, I’m a marijuana newbie smoker. I mean, I’ve already took a few hits from joints but nothing really happened until last Thursday (22nd December). Therefore, during the experience I made some mistakes I’ll refer.

I smoked pure THC crystals (the ones you get from the bottom of the grinder; I’m pretty sure it wasn’t laced).
I took 2 small hits and waited about only 5 minutes (1st mistake). I felt nothing so I decided to take about 4-5 deeper hits.
Then, about 7 minutes later, my mouth got really dry and I started laughing really hard. Everything normal ’till here, I suppose.
However, few minutes later I had what I think it was a panic attack. I did shut up suddenly and I felt a ”wave” of dormancy comming from my left foot to upper part of my left body. I panicked a lot (thinking I was having a stroke) and obviously my heartbeat raised a lot.
I felt my head really spacey like I was in a movie or a dream and everything seemed to be so cloudy…

Me and my friends decided to take a walk around the city. The ”trip” continued and, the reason I opened this thread, the dormancy/trembling/shaking in my left leg continued.
A little after, I had to stop because the ”wave” of dormancy spread to my chest and my vision was really weird but then it disappeared.

Instead of going home (afraid of facing my mom lol) I decided to go to the mall with them (2nd mistake; even if anything bad happened in there).

A few hours later, on my way back to home, the ”mental” weird feelings (spacey mind, distortion of time and space, etc.) slowly faded away.

However, the dormancy/trembling/shaking/tension in my left leg still continued still today 5 days after.
It sometimes seems to go away but then it comes back. It really gets worse when I’m laying down in my bed.

I’m an anxious guy by nature and that definitely doesn’t help but I’m getting a bit desperate because I want to sleep but when the dormancy comes I get really nervous and I can’t sleep very well.
Saturday morning and yesterday morning I woke up early very dizzy like I was still high but when I get up it fades away.

The psichologic symptoms of the high faded away: it this dormancy that is bothering me.

I already tried to distract with something else but it’s always there.
Don’t know if it helps but, as we were in Christmas, I drank a lot of Coca-Cola (caffeine) and alcohol.

Lately, I did ride my bike in order to make my leg ”work” but nothing relevant happened

Is this normal or should I be worried and go to the doctor?
How much longer should I wait? What can I do to make this go away?

PS: sorry for the long post and for eventual linguistic errors but I’m Portuguese :’)

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