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Shaggy’s Story Time :)

Alright, feel free to post stories. Try to make sure these are stories that are intense situations. "Will I come out alive." "Am I about to do to jail FOREVER." ect…

I’ll start of with a pretty recent story, some crazy shit…

So I was living with some dudes, and had been talking to a couple girls on CouchSurfing, and they had stayed over once, and they wanted to chill again…

The whole night prior we did line after line of an RC related to MDMA, and very similar to Coc. And I was to the point of like mental overload. Delayed responses, my body and mind would lock/freeze up for 2-3 minutes at a time, and I was slower in general at moving, talking and everything.

But these girls wanted to chill, and I was starting to feel better, as I had done WAYY less MD during that day, than we had the night before. So I got in a car with him, and went to chill. We checked the mail on the way out, and had received a G of what the vendor said was "A Cannabinoid 4x stronger than JWH"…
(They gave us a specific name, but I don’t want to share the name OR change my whole story to say "SWIM did …")
On the way we stopped at the gas station and I threw up out the door…Bad sign…But my friend got me a gatorade, asked if I wanted to go home, and we continued on…
So we got to where the girls were, and they wanted us to hike up a hill (mountain in Tx terms) to go drink some liquor/smoke some weed with them. We did, and brought the "Cannabinoid" with us…

We all started drinking, and they pulled out some bud…I said "I have this stuff."
Showed it to them and told them what it was…
We loaded some on top of some bud, and started smoking and talking…
After a while we decided to go back to the car, and chilled in there for a while, smoked and drank some more…

After a couple hours of chillen in the car, not driving anywhere, fuckin around in a car… We decided to go home until another night.
By this time my mind had been completely cleared and I was no longer locking up or anything.

It was about 6am, and on the way home we hit RUSH HOUR, bumper to bumper morning traffic(near LA)…

My friends kept getting WAAAAAYYY to close to the cars in front of us, almost hitting them. We smoked some more of the Cannabinoid and continued through the traffic though.

Finally I said "Don’t get so close to him, you’re going to hit him."
But he just gave me a look that said "Whatever, I know how to drive."
Not 10 seconds later he hits the guy.
I start sayin, "Man you’re fucked, this is the third time in 2 months ya’ll did this, and you still don’t have anything registered, OR a license or anything."
Then the guy in front of us got out of his car, and my friend looked at me, eyes huge, and FROZE.

The man came to the window, and tried talking to him, but he just looked at him like a deer in the headlights, and said not a single word. Just went blank, and froze.

I reached across him, and rolled his window down with the crank. And said "Hey I’m sorry…"
The guy cut me off and said, "There’s no damage."
And I said "So just trade info?"
And he said "If you want?"
And I said "I’m good" and he went back to his car

So my friend was frozen and I tried to ask him "Can you drive"
No answer…
Just a blank stare…
Then he started to convulse.

His body just went stiff like a board, and his eyes rolled back in his head.
He shook violently, and I knew there was NO fuckin way he could drive…

So I started trying to move him to the passenger seat, but he fought me, must have thought someone was forcing the seizure on him, and thought fighting me would stop it all…

But finally I got him where his back half of his body was in the back seat, and his legs were only kinda in the driver seat, so I got in the driver seat, and took the car out of park, but it wouldn’t work.

Over and over P, D, P, D, P, D. Nothing, it just wouldn’t work…

Everyone around me is honking at this point (bumper to bumper traffic) And people are on there cell phones looking at me, and talking excitedly, I can only assume to police.

I finally turn the car off with the keys, then back on.
Then From P, to D and it FINALLY works.
And I finally get my friend into the passenger seat. Still convulsing and shaking, with his eyes rolled back…

I start to drive, and the guy in the car next to me is just REALLY close, on his phone, looking at me, talking like SUPER excited.
I get scared that he is calling the police and I mouth to the guy "He’s having a seizure." and point at my friend. While doing this I ran into the car in front of me. Which at this time is a whole new car, and guy different from last time…

So the guy pulls up next to me, while we’re still driving and rolls down his window, and is like violently yelling "Pull over"
I try to tell him, "He is having a seizure."
But he yells "Whatever" and tells me to pull over again.

So I pull over, and he sits in his car for a good minute. Finally I signal to him, "come on" and yelled "He is HAVING A SEIZURE".

He walks to the back of his car to check for damage, and finally comes over to the passenger window.
By this time my friends is the same as described before but is NOW throwing up all over his own chest.

So the guys is like "Oh"
And I’m like "Yeah…I’m from Tx I don’t know ANYTHING about this place, WHERE is the hospital."
He says "The next exit is a pretty major road, just drive down it and there should be a hospital up there."

So I take the exit feeling as if he is calling the police as I drive away…
THEN I see a sheriff parked at the top of the exit, but he wasn’t there for me…

I feel as if I’m being set up, and decide against following that road and TOO try to find a safe gas station and ask about a hospital. So I take a left and kinda follow the highway from the said.

I keep putting my hand on my friends chest, to make sure he is breathing.
After a while he becomes conscious enough to respond by taking deep breathes to signal "Yes, I can breath" whenever I put my hand to ask "Are you breathing?".

Finally he begins to mumble something, and I tell him to "Hold that thought. Do we need to go to the hospital, or do you want to go home."
He has some hard to understand responses, but finally says clearly "Go home".

So I stayed off the highway so that IF anyone WAS calling the cops earlier, we didn’t get fucked with.

So finally he begins to come to. And at a stoplight opens his door, and starts to get out of the car. I grabbed him and pulled him back in saying "What the fuck!!" (Later he said, he had thought he had murdered someone, and was going to run for it.)

Finally he asked a question…
"Who’s car is this, and who are you?" he asked
I told him, "It’s your brothers, and I’m your room mate I live with you guys."

Then I asked him"Do you know where you are?"
He said "No"
I said "Do you know what state?"
He said "No"
I told him where we were, city and everything.
Then he asked "Where were we last night?"
I told him "Drinking with …"
He said "What just happened?"

I described it to him, and at the end he said…
"Wait, so what happened?"

And I told him again.
At the end he said
"I’m sorry if I asked you this already. But how did that happen?" Meaning he had forgotten the whole beginning, and probably most of the end.

Then when we got home, I finally described it to him again and it stuck….

In the morning he went to his sisters house, shaved his head, and became Christian (again).

AND, we found out that next day, that at the SAME EXACT TIME. His grandma had a seizure also.

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