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Retake DILUTED urine test – looks more difficult to pass

PLEASE HELP ME, I AM TOTALLY FREAKING OUT! Here’s the situation. I had to take a pre-employment drug test this past Tuesday and a day later HR called me and said I had to re-take due to dilution. I totally diluted and failed to take a vitamin to color my urine. HR told me it wasn’t a big deal, that it happens. The form for the diluted test I took called for 47643N DOT Drug Panel.

So, I got the new forms to take the re-test and it calls for a 6450N SAP 5-50 GC/MS. So it seems like I got flagged. ARG!

So, the last day I smoked was 2 weeks ago today (Thursday). When I smoked last I had 1 hit (of a normal sized bowl), the night before I had 4 hits. Then I had probably averaged 3-4 hits a week, give or take for a couple of months.

I took two home tests (one before the first test and one just today) and both came back negative (pretty dark line). What I am freaking out about is that I am pretty confident that I can pass the 50 ng cut off, but not the GC/MS test. Since this is my SECOND test, will they automatically go to the next GC/MS phase? Or does it have to be above 50 ng to to to that stage.

I THINK I can push this off a week, since i am traveling out of the country and they know it. I just want to get this over with and pass though so I am totally confused on what to do.

The reason now why I am worried to push it off a week, is that I am a terrible flyer and I need to take Xanex. If I take the test when I get home I will have Xanex in my system from the day before flying. SO, again I don’t want this to flag anything and go through the GC/MS screen of 15 ng, since it seems like that is hardly anything… HELP PLEASE I AM DESPERATE

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