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Question About Illegal and Medical Marijuana

Hey guys, as you can see I’m new here, this is actually my first post! 🙂 I’m getting my medical card this saturday, and then heading off to the club. The club I’m going to has $45 1/8ths, which is a little expensive for the quality, I know I can get the same quality from my friends dealer for a little less. Which brought me to the question:

If I had a medical marijuana card, but purchased some weed from a dealer (therefore theres no medical bottle with shop information etc.) and i got pulled over or stopped on the street by police, as long as I have my medical card is it legal to possess ANY marijuana? Or only marijuana that is proven to be from a certified dispensary? Surely I could just tell them it was from a dispensary, but I decided to take it out of the original bottle? Thanks in advance guys!!

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