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Qmega Labs HT vs. Psychomedic HT

So I have been trolling (and freaking out) … looking for an answer to this question anywhere so thought I would throw it out there.

Need to pass HT for pre-employment. Fairly light user (weekends only). Decided to see where I am at so went to a clinic (after doing a Zydot) and had them do a HT. It went to Omega Labs and all I got back was a negative with 1.00 pg/mg as Elisa cut off and 0.30 pg/mg as the confirmation. Not actual levels.

Now the million dollar question. The actual test will be with Psychomedic … I belive they have a lower cut off – but seems to be unknown … also see it listed as ng/ml … not sure of the difference. Seen it listed as lower as .1 or so.

Also seen this post –
"FYI…find out what lab they are sending the hair to. Psychemedics in Cali has a different prep method and that process gets higher and more accurate readings. Keep your fingers crossed they are sending it to Quest, Lab Corp or Omega. My boyfriend pass all three and failed Psychemedics…good luck!"

Thinking I was good with the Omega Labs test and now I am freaking out again.

Anyone have any input / information / ideas / spectulation – anything !??!

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