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Progressives for Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul and democrats may disagree on a few slight issues, but the fact is that Ron Paul supports the 4 most important issues that plague our country today:

1. The War on Drugs – All Republican candidates and Obama have all shown they are against legalizing marijuana and for more aggressive attacks on drug users. Ron Paul, in contrast, is 100% against the war on drugs and is entirely for legalizing marijuana federally and/or leaving it up to the States to legalize.

2. The War on "Terror" – The war on terror is a bunch of bullshit. We kicked the Soviets out of Afghanistan because we were against them fucking with the middle east. Then what do we do? We take over their job. We invade and build military bases, occupy oil pipelines, and bomb civilians and religious land. Then all the sudden all these "terrorists" spring up out of nowhere. Ask yourself this. Are you sure it is us or them who are the terrorists? We as American people are not doing this, but it is our government’s foreign policy which is ruthless. We waste trillions of dollars by building empires around the world and in the process we kill innocent people, destroy countries, and incite new enemies by intervening in their affairs. We may have good intentions, but ask yourself this: if you were born in Afghanistan, yes times are rough for you, but this empire comes in claiming to promote peace and democracy, and woops, one day a missile strike goes wrong and your family gets bombed. Are you just going to say "oh well, they’re fighting for us". Or are you going to wake up, realize that they’re here mostly just to take your oil, and fight back. You may even get so pissed you’ll turn to terrorism. It’s only natural

3. The Economy – Many people don’t care about the economy. I certainly don’t. But what you SHOULD care about is the fact that every day the government is literally stealing out of your pocket. Whether it’s using your tax money to pay for trillions of dollars of wasteful military spending killing people or it’s the Federal Reserve and Wall St which inflates the money supply, devalues your dollar, and then bails out corrupt banks and puts you on the tab for it! Everyone else can say "I will fix the economy", but only Ron Paul knows how to do this. End our wasteful spending, cut inefficient and unconstitutional government programs, end the IRS and the Fed and let people keep their own money to spend. This will lead to prosperity. It only economic law.

JON STEWART supports Ron Paul on the Fed. In this clip he exposes how the Fed stole 7.7 TRILLION dollars from our taxpayers by bailing out foreign banks! (Great video, funny too)
America’s Next TARP Model – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – 12/01/11 – Video Clip | Comedy Central

4. Civil Liberties – Patriot Act, case in point. Obama said he was for civil liberties. He renewed the Patriot Act when he got back in office. The Patriot Act is one of the most unconstitutional bills in the history of our country which allows the government to entirely bypass the Constitution and spy on anybody, including American citizens without a warrant. Ron Paul is the only one who is against the Patriot Act and has warned about the dangers of it. Obama renewing the Patriot Act is a huge middle finger to us Americans and you should be pissed about it.

These are the three most important things facing our country and most Dems are completely on board for this. What I think they have trouble with is his view on social programs. Ron Paul is libertarian so he believes that individuals should have responsibility for taking care of themselves, not relying on the government to provide everything (when they do, it’s very wasteful and inefficient). What he realizes though, is that too many people are already so dependent and used to the government taking care of them that he believes we could bring our troops home and still leave welfare alone. In other words, Paul has said that he would focus on ending the wars, legalizing, and restoring civil liberties and the economy. These should be the biggest issues we focus on today and anyone who hates on Paul just because of a few social issues is just plain nitpicky. The wars and prohibition are killing people and wasting your dollars every day, those are the most important issues.

Here is a great Progressive writer who recognizes his differences with Paul but still understands that he is the most honest and correct out of everyone, including Obama. It’s a great read.

Progressives for Ron Paul: What is the Green Republican Coalition Strategy?

Here is a very similar progressive movement called "Blue Republican", which is urging all Democrats and Independents to register Republican for ONE year to elect Ron Paul as the GOP nomination.

Robin Koerner: If You Love Peace, Become a "Blue Republican" (Just for a Year)

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