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Probation testing

Hello, I am wondering this: is there a standard for probationary marijuana testing?

I know some locations simply use a dip test. Others utilize the EMIT/ELISA tests. And yet there are even other locations that utilize EMIT/ELISA and a GS-MC for certainty.

I have been on probation for 10 months now. I am tested twice a month randomly for marijuana and other substances (not sure which exactly). On the 13th I was called to be tested, and I smoked a little afterwards (3 hits of medical grade). Well, on the 21st I was called in again for my other test (7 days inbetween tests). This is highly unusual, but before I took my probationary test I purchased a home kit and passed that without issue. My location charges me $20 for each drug test I take as mandated by probation, however, it seems that I am not subjected to the simple dip tests (I never see the results). Would anyone happen to know the odds of passing an EMIT/ELISA/GS-MC test if I passed a home urine analysis?

Background: I am a male, 120lbs, 5’7" and quite skinny. My metabolism is not really fast or slow. I don’t have to eat much to get full. I am a very occasional smoker (1 time a month or less, and it is always 3 hits or less). Not very avid on working out.

I’m a more than worried I didn’t pass my probationary drug test, but I want to see your input. Has anyone else here been in a situation similar to mine?

I have been conducting more information gathering. I have read that if you pass the initial immunoassay screening, you will pass a GS-MC no doubt. Can anyone verify this?

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