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Pre-employment drug test Q&A!

Hello all,

I have a pre-employment urine screening sometime this month. I wanted to give my story because I searched this site high and low.

About me: I am 27, very high metabolism, 6′ 2", 180lbs, former athlete, I smoked 1-2 grams daily (high grade) for about 4-5 years. After graduating college last year, I continued my smoking habits until July of this year. I stopped all smoking except on two occasions: I shared two blunts with 4 people on October 1st, and I smoked about 1.5 grams all together from Nov 28 – Dec 2 (all out of a 1 hitter).

On Dec 2nd I got a job offer around lunch. I panicked because of the horrible timing. I did some research, and I began running 1-3 miles a day and drinking lots of water, and eating a zero fat diet, but eating 6-8 times a day of smaller portions.

Five days after my last session, I bought 3 First Check home drug tests. I took the first test on Wednesday on my 4th void, and passed. On Thursday, I took the 2nd test on my 3rd void and passed. On Friday, I took my 3rd test on my 1st void and passed (the line was very pink). Later that Friday (one week ago), I went to my Doctor to get a professional urine test. Since I passed the home test that morning, I felt comfortable. I went in before lunch, and gave them my 4th void of the day. I did not dilute or do anything special, but I did drink 16oz of water when i woke up and drank 16oz of gatorade 1.5 hours before I went in to give my sample. Keep in mind that this test was 7 days since my last smoke.

I received my results yesterday and I passed once again. It is still mentally difficult to realize that I am clean after 5-7 days. I would guess that my fat content is around 3-5%, and all of the other information listed above. I still have not received my pre-employment drug testing date, but I am 99% sure that I will pass. However, I do have a few questions mainly for peace of mind and/or enlightenment.

As metabolites are stored and burned in your fat cells, do they excrete from your body at a constant rate, or in intervals? I cannot find adequate information on how the metabolites are excreted. Could I pass all of these tests this week, but my body excrete over 50nanograms in a week or two when I actually take my real test? I hope that I am overanalyzing my situation, but I am OCD about my career.

Also, I haven’t consumed much fat, but I love to eat some fatty meats. Is it ok to start enjoying a not so healthy diet, or should I continue to eat like I have been?

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I wanted to share my story and receive some input.

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