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Pre-Employment Drug Screening-Need some answers

Hey guys, I have a pre-employment screening on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week for an oilfield service company. After failing a pre-employment test in September using Stat Flush! and a reasonable suspicion test Thanksgiving week with synthetic urine I am very wary of doing anything other than using my own urine.

I gave up smoking December 2nd (smoked a roach for breakfast), and have stayed clean since. I am 18 years old, 195 lbs., 6′ and have a decent metabolism. I have been eating fatty foods since I gave up smoking. I was a VERY heavy smoker of reggie (QP a month) for the past 6 months, with the occasional bowl of dodi. If I left any information to help you guys out out of this let me know so I can add it.

Due to an injury it is very hard for me to workout so I have mainly been sitting on my lazy ass. During this time sitting on my lazy ass, I have done ALOT of research about passing a drug test but there is so much conflicting information I decided to start my own thread for answers directed to me specifically.

My cousin swears by the Certo method and dropped of two packets of the stuff, however he was a user of something that is white, powdery, and has a soapy taste that numbs your mouth which will not be named.

Any help is appreciated but don’t pull stuff out of your ass, if you have a an opinion on weather or not I will pass let me know, if you have a method of passing drug tests let me know as well but please have some evidence.

Thanks Guys!

P.S.- burn one down for me!

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