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Potential Random Soon!!

I have smoked 4-5 times a week give or take for the last few months.. Usually not everyday, possibly 2 or so days in a row at times.. I am 6’1 210lbs. Pretty good shape, with a high metabolism. I am worried about a potential random drug test (due to snitching) at work. I have been pounding water and cranberry juice for the last week as much as I can. I do a pretty good amount of physical work at my job (lugging around 45-50lb transmission cases all day) and sweat alot due to it being a foundry. Am I at risk of failing if popped with a test soon? How long should it take me to clean out if I keep up with the water and c-berry juice? Also, I have been advised to buy "water pills" and/or Niacin. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.. Thanks!!!!!!!

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