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Possession Charge w/o Card

The other day i got pulled over because my car’s exhaust was too loud when the cop pulled me over i had about a little less than a gram in the car. i had also been drinking as well i am 22 years old with a clean driving record. i also had two open containers of alcohol in the back seat there were a total of 5 guys in the car myself included. The officer figured i was under the influence of alcohol so he performed the DUI test and concluded that i was very minimally impaired and let me drive off. he took the weed and emptied the bottles and gave me a ticket for possession of marijuana and for having two open containers in the back seat.

i have a clean record but i wondering since i do not have a medical card should i go get one. in other words would it be smart to have one so when i have to go to court.

also im completely unaware of what this could do to my record any information would be greatly appreciated.

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