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Passed Home Test Faint line but Failed Lab test

On Monday, I got a call for an interview. I am a daily smoker for about 2 yrs. I smoked some strong stuff Mon-Wed, several times a day.
On Wed. around 4:00 pm I got the job offer contingent upon passing a pre-employment drug screen today Friday at 3:30 pm. I only had approximately 36 hours to detox . I’m 5′ 3″ 115lbs. female mid 30′s, super fast metabolism. I started drinking Cranberry and Pomegranate juice and tons of water immediately on Wed. ate Pizza for dinner. I didn’t exercise, this would release THC toxins into my body.

On Thursday I bought 2 First Check OTC THC tests at CVS and bought some ProTox Advance formula with the Jumpstart pills at the local headshop. Thursday night before taking the Jumpstart pills I used an OTC test and obviously failed. I then took the pills and followed instructions. I ate Quinoa for breakfast. I had a light diet throughout the day with lots of fiber.
Friday (test day) I ate nothing but oatmeal, drank water, green tea. Took the ProTox AF and waited 1.5 hrs to take the 2nd OTC test, the line was faint but it there. I was happt and confident and went to the lab took the test and FAILED. wtf? Now I have to wait for further testing. I wrote on initial paperwork that I was taking a multi-vitamin and Ibuprofen (which I didn’t). I’m now waiting for HR to contact me tomorrow. Anyone had this experience? What is expected in the "further testing"? Is there hope for a false positive? I did get a faint line at home. Why did I fail the lab test?

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