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Panic / Anxiety Attacks (2)

Could the STRAIN that was used before those anxiety/panic/paranoia attacks be to blame?

For those who are struggling with paranoia after cannabis use, maybe the American for Safe Access website can provide some answers:

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Sativa’s for anxiety. Sour Diesel, XXX Diesel, Headband, Blue Dream, Cheese, all great for anxiety. Be careful though, some sativa’s can cause paranoia. Sativa’s actually fall into two groups, one that’s great for focus and very motivation, and those that are less focused and more creative. The latter are the types that can bring out paranoia in those prone to it. Talk to your budtender.

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PA N I C ▫ A T T A C K S
Higher Logic | | 08 April 2005

Stop! If you are reading this thread, you probably have some questions and a unique story that you need answers to. I will try to help you out as best I can from what I have read on here regarding panic attacks and the types of users that have had them and what they did to get through it. Please read through this entire article before posting, as it is full of useful information on the varying types of panic attacks and what kind of symptoms to look for that scream panic attack.
Panic Attack. Noun.

The sudden onset of intense anxiety characterized by feelings of intense fear and apprehension and accompanied by palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, and trembling. Also called anxiety attack.
It appears that the majority of users who experience a panic attack fit into a certain category. Victims of the panic attack tend to be younger, either in high school or in college. Their inexperience in the use of cannabis is a contributing factor to their perceived fears, which result in the classical panic attack. Often times consuming more cannabis than usual, or a more potent form than usual, can trigger a panic attack. This could mean smoking out of a device or form of cannabis that is new to you: a gravity bong, kif, hash, or a blunt to name just a few. The setting is also a huge psychological factor and depending on where you are, it can allow your mind—in combination with your personality—to distort what you see. Users typically think the cannabis is to blame, yet people often forget the power of their own mind to distort reality and make a fuss out of something that is just a perception. At the end of the day though, it is all in your mind.

A panic attack as a result of cannabis use has some unique symptoms to it that you should be aware of. A racing heartbeat, or the feeling that you are going to have a heart attack, is one of the most commonly reported effects. Another heart related symptom is being able to feel your heart beat throughout your entire body, like a pounding almost. Palpitations might accompany this feeling too, as your anxiety might focus on your heart skipping beats. Hot and cold flashes as well as sweating have been reported. Another common symptom is tingling in the body and numbness of the limbs. Trembling or uncontrollable shaking has been reported, especially if you go from one altitude to another, smoke cigarettes, consume lots of caffeine, or take medications like Ritalin. Some users report visual and auditory hallucinations, but these are often confused with the effects of cannabis to increase the vividness of colors and sounds. Just remember, this is a psychoactive drug, but it is also a drug that has been used for thousands of years and no one has ever died from it nor has anyone developed a mental disorder because of their use, unless of course you are predisposed to one :rainbow:rainbow:rainbow:rainbow:

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