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Pan Shiva Agni AtumRa Mut

I smoke weed in reverence to Shiva. My philosophy of the world studies the history of the planet and the humans and uses aspects from all places to fit together all the best pieces from the puzzles of the world to make a more beautiful, precise one. The gods I currently align most with are Pan Shiva Agni Ra and Mut.
Pan is the wilderness, inside your person and the wilderness of the planet. Shiva is the god of destruction, but without Shiva there is no creation. Shiva also gave the world Cannabis. Agni is fire. Fire is also destruction, but in a way creation. But you must control the fire within you, burn too much and no creation can be brought forth. Ra is the sun, the sun is energy and makes plants who allow us to survive. So in a way it is the spirit inside of us. Mut is the mother godess of the Egyptian pantheon. And I was raised by a single mom, and have been helping raise my little brothers since they were born when I was in 5th grade so I feel close to the mother goddess.
Cannabis allows me to put my excited flurried thought into structured understandable writing and words for other people to understand better. It is my god and it is a beautiful thing. I don’t think cannabis has evolved along with our receptors for no reason. Let is use you, as much as you use it.

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