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Odds of passing?

I’ve been on probation for the past year or so do to a trafficking charge. I have been clean this WHOLE time. Between last wednesday and thursday, 12/7 – 12/8, I smoked about 6 blunts. (It was really good, free weed. I didn’t think I would be tested so I didn’t turn it down)
I have a very high metabolism, I’m about 5’8", and 120… (Small, I know) I haven’t been doing much to prepare for the drug test, which is tomorrow at about 3pm.

Today, I drank some gatorade with lots of creatine so when I dilute it isn’t obvious if the test picks up on it. I plan on taking aspirin and drinking a lot of water between now and then.

I will be taking the iCup test (Not that it matters)
BioScan iCup Drug Screen

Any suggestions or thoughts?

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