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"Heys guys Im having a small get together alcohol only NO WEED or OTHER DRUGS. Message me if you want to come by and bring your own alcohol please."

Thats the message I got from a friend on FaceBook last night. And thats where the story starts.

Being the stoner I am I see that and bring Weed but don’t get caught. Okay 😀

So I arrive at the party with a 6 pack of Pils (Stuff we drink over here in Germany/Holland), and I have a pipe and about a bowls worth of Silver Haze( Good stuff straight from the coffeeshops). We get drinking, playing beer pong, everyones having a good ol time. Then I decide it’s time to light up this bowl.

So we’re all downstairs and I go to his unoccupied bedroom and start smoking. I finish smoking, and walk back into where everyone was hanging out and about 10 minutes later someones like "Whos smoking weed?".

Luckily I was still good at this point and no one suspected it was me. Then his father (who allowed the get together) comes storming down and starts screaming at all the kids to get out "Who fucking brought weed. That incriminates me because I’m in the military (as is my Father), yadada."

So everyone that wasnt crashing gets kicked out and I walk a girl home as an excuse to hide my pipe incase I got searched when I got back. Luckily I never got searched and they never thought it was me but I feel like an asshole for fucking up the party. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal, but now I’ve learned my lesson. Still a good time though 😀

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