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New years resolutions?

I know it’s early, but with time you can set REALISTIC and beneficial goals.
I’ve never really bothered before, but there’s certain things about myself I’d like to "adjust". Posting this for the interest of others, and so people can get a few ideas here and there. Few ideas for myself are;

  • Get into shape – diet. I’ve kinda already started this a few months back, had some extra puppy fat that needed to go, and now my stomachs already flat. I’m not into big ripped muscles, but I’d like to be fit and somewhat toned.

    Quit any access tobacco… here in the EU/UK people roll with tobacco, so I’m going to try use pieces more often to avoid the use of the stuff!

    Lastly persue things with this girl, where I think the "like" is mutual, well, the text I woke up to today made me think so anyways!!!! 😉 😀

What about you guys? Like I know it’s early, but this way I can indulge in the things before I start over (mainly food, I don’t "indulge" in tobacco so much)

Would be pretty neat if we used this thread to give updates later on as well….

EDIT: Almost forgot

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! :xmas: :xmas:

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