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Need some help

Looking for some opinoins on a recent situation. A couple days before this past thanksgiving I got a call back from a potential employer…they told me I past the background check and that I needed to take a drug screen at medcheck within 48 hrs. They emailed me the paperwork that I needed to bring in for the drug test. The top of the paper said EScreen and EPassport and towards the bottom it read: services to be performed: Ecup instant test. I knew I wasn’t gonna pass the test without some help so I went to a head shop the next morning and bought "The Simple Solution" synthetic urine. I had done some research before I went and hadn’t read anything about this product but it’s all they had and I figured it was all the same. I took it home and followed the directions on the box exactly…I strapped it around my waist and headed to medcheck. I had my cousin drop me off right by the door so the urine wasn’t out in the cold any longer than it had to be…the temperature read 92-94 degrees right before I got outta the car. I went and waited in the lobby for about 15 minutes and then got called back for the test. I was nervous once I got in the bathroom and forgot to look at the temperature again before I put the piss in the cup. I made sure not to sit the cup down before I got it into the nurses hands cause I heard that can take a couple degrees off the temperature. I initialed the cup and left. I started to get a little worried when I hadn’t heard anything back a week later so I called the hiring manager I had previously talked to. He told me that I was denied by corporate and they couldn’t tell him specifically why but I could of swore he said it was my background….although they told me my background was fine before I went in for the drug test. It could of been he just assumed I wouldn’t call if I thought I could of failed the drug test. I talked to him again the next day and he said he was gonna talk to corporate and see what he could do for me. He was wanting to get rid of some guys and thought I would work out well. The was the last time I heard from him and it’s been over a week ago. I also texted him two days later and never got a response…he had always texted back or called previously. I should also mention I was arrested for a public intoxication about 2 months ago and didn’t mention that to him until he told me corporate denied me. I told him I left it off the application cause I hadn’t been charged with it yet…he seemed like it was a big deal at all. So what do you guys think? I think the temperature on the fake urine could of been off…I was reading on a previous thread that urine for some non-dot drug tests have to be between 94-100 degrees to be accepted. Anyone have experience with "The Simple Solution"? This has been bugging me for over a week and I was just trying to get some other opinoins. I got a call back from another job this week so I’m trying to get this figured out. Thanks for any help.

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