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Need help with computer speed. Slow as helll

Alright I need some nerd help here lmao. Im just confused as to why my computer is such a piece of shit. Ive got an older dell computer but its got an intel pentium 4 (2.00 ghz) processor and ive put 2 gigs of ram into it & I have a GeForce MX/MX400 graphics card in it (which is still old but works fairly well). I have really low disk space (3 gigs left out of like 37 gigs available) could this be why my computer is a piece of shit? I can hardly run photoshop without my computer freezing for some reason. Ive ran multiple virus, malware, spyware scans and have cleaned out everything that its found. I can’t defrag my pc because i have under 15% left but even when I had more space photoshop ran really slow. Any ideas on what I can do to fix this? Will getting an extra harddrive help? What about a graphics card? 2 gigs of ram should be good enough to run just about anything (except some fancy PC games which i dont play) right? Any insight would be greatly appreciated, I damn near failed my final in my digital photo class today because my computer froze while i was using photoshop.

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