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Need help passing a drug test!! Please help

Hi well I’m about 5-6" and 140 pounds I smoke almost 2 times a week Maybe more or maybe a little less, for the past year. My mom tested me earlier an I failed she marked 31 days on the calendar and said Im testing you again on that date. The date it landed on was Christmas day December 25.. I have yet to quite smoking. But I need to pass it, if I quite today the 11th will I pass in 14 days? I am prescribed adoral and if I take a 7 day detox kit it will eliminate the amphetamines from my system and my mom will think something’s up. I work out daily with my wrestling team.. Is there any natural ways to pass this home test? She doesn’t spend to much money on the tests so I assume they aren’t the greatest tests. She also watches me piss so I don’t add fake urine.. Please respond as soon as you can!! She said that’s all she wants for christmas is for me to pass.. I will literally try anything!!!

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