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my take on legalization?…

marijuana was made illegal with no scientific basis. it was made illegal due in part to racism and yellow journalism during reefer madness and prohibition. they said it made people violent murderers. then during the cold war, they said it made people passive and they would not want to fight if they went to war. how can you make something illegal if the two bases of legitimacy are contrary to one another? it was a simple case of fearing what we did not understand, but now that we have the knowledge and understanding of its potential (both medically and financially) it makes no sense to keep a federal ban on a plant. the war on drugs is a complete failure
A) the money generated from regulation and legal distribution

B) the money we would save by not spending it in the jails and prisons for drug offenses


C) the amount of money we could be putting towards our national debt and medical research.

Legalize it!

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