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my rant (kinda long)

So lately ive been researching alot about marijuana and all the good stuff about it. everyday at school their will be atleast one kid that says something that just pisses me off and sends me into a rant and i sit there and say all these facts and stuff about it. and the only thing they say back is it kills brain cells and kills your organs. and that just sends me over the top. i tell them that it doesnt and it been proven its helps your organs. but they still believe the stuff that they learned in 6th grade in the DARE program. i also tell them if they legalize it that our country would be out of debt fast. and if it was bad there wouldnt be doctors saying its good.

most people in my town are all addicted to pills and i tell them that pills are the dumbest thing you could do because of how addictive they are. i have a bludging disc in my back and all the doctors are trying to precribe me is oxy and hydros.

i really hope that my state (idaho) will switch into medical marijuana soon. because i dont want to get addicted to pills. i live in pain everyday because of my back. i have to lie to my doctor everytime i go see him saying my back feels like its getting better when he can see that its getting worse.

so this my rant.:)

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