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My new bong! :D

Hey guys just bought a new bong the other day and thought I’d share pics of it. A store in my area is closing down and they have a hugeeeeeeeeeee sale on everything in the store so I bought a new bong cuz I wanted one that was see through so I could see the smoke then the next day I went back and found a jumbo stem and jumbo bowl so I went home to try and put the stem in but the hole for the stem was too small so I got a file and filed it to be a bit larger then I fit the jumbo stem in and then put the jumbo bowl in. What a difference! Huge hauls out of it when you rush the smoke. Me and my friends filled the bowl up and it takes 3gs if you don’t push it down to compact it so I’m guessing it could hold a 4 or maybe even 5 g bowl if I tried and pack it nice and tight. Anyways here’s a pic of it. I only paid 35$ for it altogether.

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