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Mom’s testing me soon.. helpp!!

Alright, well i am about 5- 6" and weigh 138. I currently am looking to lose weight maybe 6 pounds. My mother tested me for pot about 3 weeks ago and i failed, so she looked at the calender and said iv read online that its out of your system in 31 days.. and it just so happened that the 31st day landed on Christmas day, December 25.. today is the 11,although i didn’t smoke today, but i smoked my regular routine 3-4 times a week and maybe a little more on weekends,for exactly 1 year. i have only been smoking for 1 year no more no less. my smoking habits consist of smoking 3-4 times a week.. not mids though the stuff i get is pretty potent. if i don’t smoke for the next 14 days, that is 2 weeks until the test, is there any way i can pass naturally? i have thought about a 7 day detox kit, but they eliminate the existence of amphetamines witch can also be adoral, but the thing is i’m prescribed them and take 1 daily. so she would definitely think somethings up if i show up clean for amphetamines.. im fairly young and have a fast metabolism. i am on a wrestling team so i work out every day of the week. is there certain liquids to drink that might clear my system? she watches me piss so fake urine wouldn’t work. its an at home test she doesn’t pay to much money for them so i cant imagine that they are very reliable. honestly i wouldn’t care if she didn’t tell me she was testing me Christmas day. she said all she wants for Christmas is for me to pass.. so i kind of feel bad and want to pass. any suggestions on how to pass?? any responses will help out just get back asap because im running out of time!!!

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