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Marijuana TV Shows

I am just wondering what these guys that are producing the newest medical marijuana TV shows are thinking? Aren’t we in a difficult enough time right now with the subject of either legalization or non legalization of marijuana? Now we have these guys producing marijuana shows telling the world how many millions of dollars they are making and how they are helping the terminally ill with their efforts.

I have been a pot smoker for over twenty years and I truly believe that pot has some medicinal values but in reality the main reason the majority smoke pot is to get high. Let’s quit kidding ourselves here. The medical Marijuana movement is driving the present existing marijuana market right out of business. Big pharm companies who have the big bucks to lobby for state controlled marijuana guidelines are taking all of this "Medical Marijuana" rhetoric and they are going to use it to capitalize on the medical marijuana market and run each and every one of us who has even a small stake in the business right out of business.

The guys who are so flagrantly producing these medical marijuana TV shows for the most part have already made their money in the industry that is where the money is coming from to produce the TV shows. They must be complete idiots and have smoked way too much to the point that it is obviously clouding their better judgment. Who in their right mind would purposely destroy their own extremely lucrative business? Very stupid move..

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