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Marijuana from a Neutral PoV

I am a marijuana user and support the legalization of marijuana. But the reason i post this is to see all the effects from marijuana, its dangers and its benefit, and whether it should be legalized.
Would legalizing marijuana reduce crime, cut back poverty, etc…
should marijuana be used to relief stress or support insomnia…

I never heard of any dangers that can be linked to marijuana use but i do know that inhaling any type of smoke, even marijuana, is bad for your lungs.
Also what do you guys think about the gateway drug theory? I believe in the theory, but i think that if marijuana doesn’t exist, dumbasses will still try heroine and cocaine. Marijuana just opens those people up to heroine and cocaine.
I had been smoking marijuana the last few months to counter my depression, but from my experience, marijuana worsens it, yes the high might let you forget, but after you are out, reality comes crashing on you.

A popular theory is that marijuana will actually reduce crime and cut back on gang membership. Crime rate will obviously go down because now people that have ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to be locked behind bars (for "substance" abuse) will not be locked in there, but the gang’s power theory is pretty doubting. Incase you guys don’t know, organized crime started around the time of abolition, where US controlled the trade of alcohol with other countries. Organized crime was born out of abolition, but it didn’t go away even after US passed the 21st amendment. I don’t expect gangs to magically dissapear after marijuana legalization act is passed.

I know that almost everyone in this forum support the usage of marijuana, but please post on what you think of marijuana from a neutral point of view, that is no crazed support for marijuana (omg it should be legalized it will cure cancer) nor from a person who highly believed that marijuana should stay illegal with no support behind it.

post neutrally, happy smoking 🙂

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