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Law of attraction? Sounds weird but…It works

Ok, my uncle is by far the strangest man iv ever met. I am now in school for psychology and i cannot figure this man out when most people are usually quite simple. Now he and my aunt own a very small gold mine in Alaska, he came from just learning and experience. He can drive almost any machine out there whether it be a Freightliner or a full sized d-10 bulldozer. He has never worked at a mine before and his family had no money so he had no real advantage coming into this. He came home for the 2nd season to stay for the winter. Upon asking he told me they came out with an overhead of about 750,000, from working about 6 months in the summer (tough rugged 12 hr days 6 days a week). Sheer profit 750k. I asked him how the hell he was able to achieve this goal. Now he only discovered this about 3 years ago. He told me to watch this on YouTube and had to explain it further because i was a confused when he described it to me. You dont have to interpret this directly, it’s better to turn the screen off and just listen. Now after my uncle explaining this + YouTube I decided hell I’m gonna give it a try, nothing wrong it can’t hurt me. So now little backstory, I love rally racing, I’ve watched it for a long long time and have always loved it. I owned a ’95 Mustang GT With low miles. Nice little reliable fast car, but the true blood of rally racing lies in the heart of a Subaru (IMO). So my uncle had told me to just think of how amazing it would feel to own a Subaru and how it would feel to be driving it at that moment. So i did just that, he said just like 10 seconds or so would work. Afterwards this put the thought in my head all day. So i thought about it all day…and six days later I obtained my Subaru that now sits in my driveway. HOLY SHIT. Now I’m one of the most down to earth guys you’d meet, agnostic, no spiritual mumbojumbo, i believe what i see, and I’m pretty sure there’s now a Subaru in my driveway…just saying. (I had absolutely no cash at all to work with as i had just gotten laid off about a month earlier and needed better MPG).
It scared the ever-living shit out of me to see how capable my mind was if i really wanted something. I don’t know how it happened i just wanted a Subaru so badly and in a flash it was there. Now life to me is well…I’m just along for the ride πŸ™‚ Might not work for everyone. But i though my fellow cannabis users would maybe speculate and opinionate on this πŸ™‚ PEACE!

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