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Kind of first timer looking for advice. (Crohns disease, R.A., and U.C.)

I’m currently sitting in my room looking at a about a half gram of some medical marijuana that my friend got for me. I know it’s an indica and I kind of know what that means.
I’ve been reading through some of the threads on here but I would like some help/advice/encouragement.

Sorry if this is a long read, you can skip to the bottom for the questions.

I am currently taking Methadone, Xanax, methylprednisolone, Remicade, among other things for my Crohns(recently diagnosed), Ulcerative Colitis, and Rhuematoid Arthritis. (The xanax is for anxiety) I also take trazadone to sleep some times.
I’ll be honest, I hate taking the opiates they have me on. I don’t like the way I feel when I take xanax or methadone. I want something more natural that wont give me the side effects of these pain/anxiety medications.
So my questions are to you Crohns patients and anxiety sufferers.

Will this indica make me feel better?
Will it make my bowels feel better?
How do I avoid a panic attack?
How will I feel when I’m high on this?
How much should I smoke?
Do you think it will interact with the methadone as I wean off it? Or help ease the withdrawals?
Will it interact with any of my other medications?

I’m sorry I’m kind of new at this. I smoked cigarettes for the longest time and I sincerely doubt that I’ll cough on my first time.

Mostly I just want to know how it will make me feel. Relaxed, scared, heavy. You can compare it to drugs like morphine or dilaudid, or any of those kind of drugs because I could then get a good feel of what to expect.

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