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Juvenile Probation in California?

Back in August I was ticketed by an officer for possession (of marijuana) and underage tobacco paraphernalia. I went to court and the judge issued me probation (6 months overall) with 6 diversion drug classes and be tested twice (by the classes) in a 3 month period before I go back to court (in January) to follow up and give the judge my drug tests and certificate of completion from the diversion programs. I now have the certificate of completion of the classes and passed both my drug tests with flying colors. I live in California so my question is, now that I have done the mandatory 2 drug tests, will I be drug tested further from this point on while I am on probation? Thanks, and I would definitely appreciate a clear answer from someone who has been in this situation recently and or knows the law exactly.

Btw I’m 18 now, but I was caught while I was 17.

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