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Just Got Through Chemotherapy…

Back in 2006, I was diagnosed with an indolent (slow growing) form of Lymphoma. Back then I had a very mild treatment of an immunotherapy known as Rituxin. Early this year, I found out that my cancer had returned and needed another round of Chemotherapy; this time the treatment was a more aggressive, however it did not have the nasty side effects such as hair loss, etc. I did feel like crap for a few days after each round. The treatment was once a month for six months. I felt nausea and a weird fatigue each time. The meds they gave me to combat the nausea really did not do anything for me; I tried 2 different ones. Finally, I decided to smoke a of Ganga to see what would happen as I have always read it helped chemo patients. Now, I figured it would help a BUT I did not expect the instantaneous relief I got from the first hit I took. I could not believe it. Every symptom was instantly gone from smoking a of MJ. It actually brought a tear to my eye because I immediately thought of the millions of people worlwide who could benefit from legalizing this natural wonder.

Be Well!

Jeff in Florida

PS: After my 3rd round, My CT Scans were completely clear so I know the treatment worked.

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