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Is this fake weed?


I’m pretty certain I was sold fake weed but I thought double checking with some expert smokers wouldn’t hurt. Been smoking for years and I just didn’t realise at time of buying. I’d really appreciate any thoughts on this.

Anyways, I’ll just list why I think it’s fake:

It didn’t get me high, only a mild numb/buzz sensation on eyes and head and increased heartbeat [which I normally get with weed]. Got some munchies on one occasion but I was drinking beers for a few hours so I may have just been hungry! Does smell like weed but also very different too, at time of buying there was no smell. Leaves are smooth edged and not jagged! [see pictures]. Tasted funny when inhaled. It was VERY dry, no crystals and not sticky in the slightest. Dealer said it’s an uplifting buzz [Haze strain], in response to me saying I wasn’t getting a buzz of it.

Been doing a of research and everything points to it being fake. So, is there a chance in hell that I’m wrong and this is infact real weed!? If not, any idea on what it is?

Here are some pics:


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