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Is this about a half ounce?

i bought a "half-ounce" today, at school so i didnt have to much time to look at it and feel but it did feel it was pretty damn dense, so i was satisfied and gave the $120 and walked away. But now that im home i’ve opened the bag actually have gotten a good look and im quite concerned but this could be just me considering this is my first ‘half-ounce’ ive bought. I usually only buy 1/8th and and quarters. Anywaays i was hoping if you guys could help me out with the pictures below and tell me if you think it looks a skimped or light. I really dont think it was a half ounce more like around 10g but i thats alright, its some straight dank and usually he sells a half ounce for $140.
Pictures by swagOG9 – Photobucket
i couldnt figure out how to put pictures in the post so if you could do me a favor and just go there ^^ and look through those photos

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