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Is anybody else a Grinch around Xmas-time?

Really trying not to be a downer here but whenever this time of the year rolls around I just can’t help but feel a little depressed and biitter. "Its a time to spread goodwill and cheer!" Sorry, I’m not buying it. The despicable and overt commercialization of the holiday is what I find most nauseating. Not only that, but the religious right making it out to be some kinda day of holy sacrament when really its just the Christian bastardization of the ancient pagan Yule festival. And then there’s the putting on of false smiles around "friends and family" (although that’s a more personal gripe of mine).

Again, maybe its just my biitter nature and cynicism; I don’t mean to talk shit on the holiday, as I’m sure it brings joy to many people, its just that with each passing year its becoming harder to put up with it all. So go ahead and call me a Grinch! 😀

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