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I’m sick of people like YOU making it difficult for ME!

Hi everyone,

I feel compelled to tell my story and rant a bit after reading some posts here. Bare with me =]

I’m a 23 year old female who up until recently was working in investments. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome earlier this year, although symptoms have plagued me for years. All the rx meds made everything 10x worse which doesn’t help when you have a condition with no cure. After that didn’t work, my urologist had the nerve to tell me to my face that he didn’t know what to do for me but that he’d refer me to someone who could. That was a lie. I found out from the receptionist (WTF, really?!?) that he wanted to perform a pelvic sling surgery on me (a completely unnecessary and dangerous procedure I’m nowhere NEAR needing). My gastroenterologist gave me reglan for stomach spasms without telling me that it an cause tardive dyskinesia, especially in women with depression or anxiety (which i have). 3 weeks later i was having uncontrollable movements which thankfully have not become permanent. I also had the worst time in my life tapering off of lexapro. If i wasn’t self-educated on what all these meds do and how they affect your body and brain, i probably would have killed myself. These doctors don’t care about what the meds will do to you and they won’t warn you; they just want their money for the scripts they write. Over the past few months I’ve had to fight hard to get my health back to where i can function daily without too much trouble. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep my job due to all of this.

now for the real gripe…I’m in california and have my mmj rec. I’m disgusted by the people who go get their card just so they can go get high and then rub it in everyones face that they are doing it the "legal" way. I hate being around other people in a dispensary who want to chit chat and then ask me to go smoke with them. Uuummm NO, i’m here because I’m in actual pain and need my medicine, not to go get high with you! I’m not one of you! I’m frustrated that I feel like I’m not taken seriously because i dont "look sick". I puke and sh*t my brains out all day, eating is a challenge, and the mere act of peeing is like shooting fire out of my urethra but you wouldn’t have a clue just by looking at me. That may be "tmi" for some of you but honestly i don’t care because this is something i face every single day. I don’t care if you smoke mj just for fun, but people doing it in the name of mmj are making it very difficult for people like me (and the rest of the mmj community who legitimately need it) to be taken seriously. It makes the fight for our meds sooooo much harder. I don’t like being lumped in with the stoners just because i am young and appear healthy.

On the positive, bright side of things, I am overcoming many of my obstacles and doing much better than I was by relying on more natural methods (mmj, acupuncture, chiropractics, herbal teas and supplements,a few yoga poses in the morning, deep breathing, etc). I’m looking forward to starting school in a few weeks and hopefully being able to pick up a part time job. At this point I still wouldn’t be able to do it without mmj, so I hope for all of us out there that we can be taken seriously and that the stereotypes and discrimination will disappear someday.

Thanks for listening to my rant….had to let it out somewhere!

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