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i think im becoming schizo?

a good few months back i saw a green ball of light, appear as i lay in front of my bed, by the window, it moved around really quick, it left a trail behind as it moved around, really bright, i lasted a couple of seconds, and then disappeared then seconds later the same thing. i thought it was some type of laser someone shining it through my window, but im not sure at all what it was. the very next night my sister saw it too, it was in the same room by the tv, as we share a room, it was on top of the tv, it was in the early hours of the morning maybe 2am-3am everyone was asleep, so now i know im not the only one that’s seen it.
anyways nothing happend since till today, i was in the toilet, just finished wiping my *** and washing my hands, you can see from the toilet, just about into my room, i look and in the same place i saw it, by the window, i look at shocked like wtf is this, and its just moves around, it cant be a laser, like why would someone shine it through the same window months apart, i mean why not shine it through the downstairs window, why through upstairs my window? so it cant be i laser i think. i must say it looks exactly like a laser beam, bright green and just moves around leaving a trail behind it, but i doubt it is one though.
what is this?
i dont feel scared, its just something i cant explain its quite weired what can it be? what can i do?

i havent been high both the times ive seen this thing, so it cant be that lol :p

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