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I have a few questions, please click this.

Hello, (: I was wanting to know a few things. Here they are.
– What is the good thing about reggie? I love all weed, but usually I just get Reggie.. for some reason Reggie highs to me are more intense than when I smoked this "Kush" that I got a few weeks ago. I don’t know why. The only time that the Kush high was bigger was when I smoked 2 blunts of it in a hotboxed car.. It was one blunt of that "Kush" that we called fruit cocktail and looked more vibrant, while the "legit" kush was darker green and had more potency. The quotations are not sarcasm or disbelief, its just what we called it. Ill post a picture of the actual "fruit cocktail" and will post a picture of what the legit kush looked like.
And my other question is how come he just calls it kush, and how may I identify the strain. I will upload every type of weed i get from now on

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