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Hydroponics question

So I was playing around on the internet a little while ago and I decided I wanted to read up a little on hydroponics. Well instead of reading up on how they work like I intended to (but will still do) I decided I would research a little about small hydroponic systems. Like for say, one small enough to go inside a closet and not be noticed. Didn’t really find anything helpful except one about a 2 liter soda bottle that seemed plausible but wanted me to download a pdf for the rest and I was like "Screw that, I’ll just go to" And so here I am. What I want to know is if you guys have ideas or already know of a way to grow a single plant inside a closet discreetly.

There a couple reasons I want to. I’ve never grown, but have had homegrown and would love to taste it absolutely freshly cured. Another reason being I just moved not too long ago and am having a hard time finding it at all. Also I have no job since I moved, so even when I can find some, I don’t have money.

I liked the 2 liter bottle idea because it fits my small and discreet needs. The lighting can be solved pretty easy since the closet has a light itself. I was thinking I could get one of those outlet you screw into the lightbulb socket so I can run a cord from a lamp without it having to go outside the closet. The switch to that light is also on the outside of the closet, so when the sister-in-law comes in like she always does I can just hit the switch and the light goes off. No noisy opening the closet door, nothing.

As for the 2 liter, The idea for it went like this. The top of the bottle is cut off. The bottom is the resevior, And the cap you poke a hole through it and run a wick through it long enough to reach the water. You fill the top with you soil medium with the wick run through the middle of the medium.

So the rest of what I need to know/come up with is this:

Soil medium suggestions?
Proper light suggestions?
Nutrient solution suggestions?
Modifications to the 2 liter system?
Things I don’t know about but need to know.

Also, remember I have no job, so has to be done on a budget. the 2 liter is the cheapest and most plausible so far.

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