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HydroGroLED in budroom

I am on a few marijuana forums, I posted a growthread about a pair of ultraviolet B test grows. I run a full time test budroom and the UVB was the tail end of a year’s testing.
This is the growthread of the first grow integrating all the accumulated data plus LED lights for the overheads. I pretty much think I have most of it down except the overhead feedlight spectrum. I am betting my whole allowance these lights will be the answer. The overhead lights are only half the total grow wattage, the rest is sidelighing.

Trying to do mother nature one better is not simple. I am starting this thread now, before all the lights have even arrived.

The sidelights are going in first, the exact order and spectrums will change as experience accumulates, to get everything correct first time out would be unusual indeed.
Fifty (50) T8 x 32 watt are ringing the 90" diameter circle. 20 Are UVB lizard lights, most of the rest are various reds. Also in the surround are twenty (20) T5 x 54 watt, mostly reds not available in T8.
Red and UVB as sidelighting, lots of both. More of why when all are here and boxes are available for picture.

I had enough extra lights to start one lobe, fives identical light sets like petals on a flower. Similar to the 9 HID setup with sidelights currently being used.

The LED fits above the white T8 panel, the T5 and T8 with polished reflectors go between the LED’s, the picture shows a set of three, the white T8 doesn’t have all the bulbs in yet. As the current budroom empties and bulbs and fixtures start arriving I will post more. It is not real without pictures I have heard.

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