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How should I talk to my dealer?

So I just moved a hour away from my last house.I have already found a dealer that one of my friends knows.He seems pritty legit.I tried buy some from him once but he dident have any at the time,and I dident talk to him again.Just earlier tonight he drove up to the gas station which I was at buying a drink and motioned me over to his car.He asked " Hey,you need anything?" at the time I dident have any money on me at all and so I said "Nah not right now bro I don’t have any money." he said "well if you ever need any just hit me up I’ll hook you up." and I replied saying "Alright man I’ll see ya later."
My question is what should I really be saying to him that will make him think that I have been smokeing for a long time? Is there any lengo I need to know? also I want to be buying a certain kind of weed,like how would I ask him if he could get me a certain strain of weed? Another thing is what should I call the size of weed I’m buying? Should I say a dime for two grams? And could you also tell me the weighs and prices of just like normal weed? Like how much is a eighth and how many grams is an eighth? I haven’t been smokeing weed long and so I would like some info on just like what would make me sound legit to the dealer? Thanks for the info I’m sure it will help me out 😀

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